Volthium - Bluetooth Dongle + Communication Hub (Victron VE.CAN) Combo

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Volthium - Bluetooth Dongle + Communication Hub (Victron VE.CAN) Combo 

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Bluetooth adapter + HUB set for Volthium batteries.

The Bluetooth dongle, paired with the HUB, allows the reading of up to 4 Volthium batteries. The HUB communicates with the BMS of each battery to broadcast, via its CAN port, the information of the batteries to the Victron VENUS OS system (Cerbo, Color Control,...).

In addition, the Bluetooth module will be able to simultaneously broadcast the battery data via its internal integrated antenna, which has a range of 40 feet without obstacles.

Compatible batteries are :

  • All 12V100AH batteries with an XLR communication port on top
  • All 12V200AH batteries with two XLR communication ports on top
  • All 12V300AH batteries with two XLR communication ports on top
  • All 12V400AH batteries with RJ45 ports
  • All WALLMOUNT 24V200AH batteries with one XLR communication port on the front.
  • All batteries with a yellow top (2022 or newer)


This Bluetooth dongle has a total of 3x RJ45 female ports, and one DC input port.


  • The DC port (green) is for power supply. The accepted voltage is in the range of 10V to 59V.
  • The RJ45 port, on the same side as the DC connector, is used in case only one battery is to be monitored with the Bluetooth module.

Do not connect a battery to this port if the Bluetooth module is used with the Communication HUB module.

Series of 2 RJ45 ports (Daisy-Chain CAN)

  • They are used to interconnect the Volthium boxes on the CAN network
    For example; The "Communication HUB" box, which would be used to connect a battery bank (energy bank)
  • Could also be used to connect the "Closing Loop", which is a small black RJ45 connector.


APP Stores (coming soon)


  • Can be used alone
  • Range of 40 feet
  • Can be paired with the Communication HUB ($) to read 4 batteries simultaneously
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Volthium batteries



  • 1x Dongle Bluetooth
  • 2 X flat RJ45 Network cable 6 inch (patch cord)
  • 1X DC power cable
  • 1x XLR - RJ45 male cable
  • 1x Communication HUB Dongle (Victron)
  • 1x Flat RJ45 6 feet cable, Volthium - Victron VE.CAN
  • 1x Closing Loop RJ45