Client Project Gallery 2024

At Off The Grid Energy Solutions INC, we design solar systems for every application. Here's a sample of some projects we've done across Canada this year...

Tecumseh Ontario, 550W 520Ah, Midnite Lighting System

Vancouver British Columbia, 14.4kW 425Ah, Sol Ark 15k System

Burnaby British Columbia, 1.9kW, 420Ah, Victron System

Owen Sound Ontario3kW, 830Ah, Solark-12k System

Edmonton Alberta, 680W, 1245Ah, Victron System

Victoria British Columbia 360W, 210Ah, Victron System

Parry Sound Ontario 6.4kW, 850Ah, Sol-ark 5k System

Huntsville Ontario 1.1kW, 445Ah, Victron System

Monetville Ontario 5.3kW, 800Ah, Magnum System

Calgary Alberta, 710W, Midnite System


Charlottetown Newfoundland, 600W 300Ah, Victron System

Thunder Bay Ontario, 1.5kW 300Ah, Victron System

Paradise Newfoundland, 1.9kW 445Ah, Magnum System


Not sure what wattage requirements you need for your specific application?

Let our engineers design a custom system for you for FREE! We've designed solar packages for everything. From solar backup for boats and Van/RVs, to massive luxury homes, we have you covered.

Simply fill out our contact form, and give a brief description of the application and electrical loads you wish to power.