Volthium - Bluetooth Dongle

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Volthium - Bluetooth Dongle 

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Bluetooth adapter for Volthium batteries only. The Bluetooth dongle communicates with the battery's BMS to broadcast, via its internal Bluetooth chip with a 40 feet unobstructed range, the data broadcasted by the data port on the battery.

Compatible batteries are :

  • All 12V100AH batteries with an XLR communication port on top
  • All 12V200AH batteries with two XLR communication ports on top
  • All 12V300AH batteries with two XLR communication ports on top
  • All 12V400AH batteries with RJ45 ports
  • All WALLMOUNT 24V200AH batteries with one XLR communication port on the front.
  • All batteries with a yellow top (2022 or newer) 


This Bluetooth dongle has a total of 3x RJ45 female ports, and one DC input port.


  • The DC port (green) is for power supply. The accepted voltage is in the range of 10V to 59V.
  • The RJ45 port, on the same side as the DC connector, is used in case only one battery is to be monitored with the Bluetooth module.

Do not connect a battery to this port if the Bluetooth module is used with the Communication HUB module.

Series of 2 RJ45 ports (Daisy-Chain CAN)

  • They are used to interconnect the Volthium boxes on the CAN network
    For example; The "Communication HUB" box, which would be used to connect a battery bank (energy bank)
  • Could also be used to connect the "Closing Loop", which is a small black RJ45 connector.


APP Stores (coming soon)


  • Can be used alone
  • Range of 40 feet
  • Can be paired with the Communication HUB ($) to read 4 batteries simultaneously
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Volthium batteries



  • 1x Dongle Bluetooth
  • 1 X flat RJ45 Network cable 6 inch (patch cord)
  • 1X DC power cable
  • 1x XLR - RJ45 male cable