Trojan - 30XHS, 12V Flooded Battery

Trojan - 30XHS, 12V Flooded Battery

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Trojan - 30XHS, 12V Flooded Battery


FREE Pickup Available in: Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary South, Calgary North, Edmonton North, Edmonton South, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, London, Mississauga, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Lévis (Québec), Moncton, and Halifax.

The 30XHS 12V flooded battery features advanced technology that helps to improve productivity by providing excellent energy output for different applications, such as Floor Cleaning Machines or Solar. The grid technology inside this battery enhances overall performance, reduces downtime, and lowers overall maintenance costs.


5-Hr Rate / 105 Ah 10-Hr Rate / 120 Ah 20-Hr Rate / 130 Ah 100-Hr Rate / 144 Ah


  • Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and Alpha Plus® paste formulation for long life, industry-leading performance, and lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Manufactured polypropylene case
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Deep Cycle Flooded/Wet Lead-Acid Battery
  • Single-point watering kit
  • With handles for easy carrying
  • 99% recyclable
  • Only 5-15% of self-discharge monthly

spec sheet: Trojan 30XHS