Off-Grid WiFi Power Supply Kit

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Off-Grid WiFi Power Supply Kit

Need Wifi or have poor Wifi when you're off the grid at your cottage, cabin or camp?

This solar kit is designed to power a Wifi modem/ booster (up to 100W total) with one full day of autonomy. 

This Victron Energy Solar Kit includes:

1x Victron Energy Phoenix 12V 375W pure sine wave inverter

1x Victron Energy BMV-712 bluetooth battery monitor

1x Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 tr charge controller

4x 340W CSI solar PV panels

16 x z-brackets (pv mounting) 

1x BabyBox with 30A input and 80A output breakers for circuit protection

1x 10AWG 30ft pv cable pair, 1x #6 5ft cable pair, 3 x 2AWG 16inch cable 80A MRBF inverter fuse block

1 x 5' 2AWG inverter cable pair

2 x 445ah Rolls Flooded LA batteries (1 day of autonomy at 2400wh/day)

*Add a 500Ah LFP, AGM or Flooded battery bank to complete this kit*