Rolls Surrette S6-460AGM, 6V 460Ah

Rolls Surrette - S6-460AGM-RE, 6V 460Ah

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Rolls Surrette - S6-460AGM-RE (460Ah) AGM

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Rolls by Surrette is our most popular battery for larger PV systems from 500W or greater. This maintenance-free, Rolls S6-460AGM, high capacity battery is ideal for telecommunication and generator cycling sites, as well as for cold temperature applications.

This 460 Ah, 6V battery offers high capacity (2.7 kWh/cell), great cycle performance and is sealed and maintenance free. With a managable weight of 123 lbs., they are easier to move than larger 12V batteries. The ideal cell for building larger battery banks at remote sites, or for maintenance-free residential systems.

Engineers choose the Rolls S6-460AGM battery for its high capacity, smaller footprint, excellent cycle life and low temperature performance. It is supported by a 5 year warranty (2 year free replacement and 3 year pro-rated period).

spec sheet: S6-460AGM-RE
Volts                              6V 
Capacity (20hr)             415 Ah 
Capacity (100hr)           460 Ah 
Dimensions                   11.6 x 7.04 x 15.9" 
Product Weight            126 lbs 
Warranty                      5 Years