Morningstar SunSaver MPPT 15 Amp Regulator

Morningstar - SS-MPPT-15L, SunSaver MPPT 15 Amp Regulator

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Morningstar - SS-MPPT-15L, SunSaver MPPT 15 Amp Regulator


An economical Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) charge controller for small PV systems. Rated at 15 amps of charge current, this dual voltage controller (12/24VDC)is perfect for PV systems up to 100W (12V) or 400W (24V). Features include:
  • 12/24V in one model
  • high effciency (up to 99%) and low power consumption
  • higher solar yield (up to 30% more) with MPPT
  • accepts up to 75VDC array input - perfect for 12V battery charging with high voltage 60 or 72 cell modules
  • higher voltage input allows longer wire runs and small array cables
  • fully adjustable  
  • Optional metering with RM-1 Remote Meter
  • The SunSaver MPPT-15 allows 12 or 24V battery charging using conventional high voltage PV modules. It includes DC load control (LVD), to protect batteries from complete discharges and has a current rating of 15 amps. It It features multi-stage charging with bulk, absorptions, float and equalize modes, and is adjustable for differen battery chemistries. The SS-MPPT-15's innovative MPPT algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing your renewable energy yield up to 30%. The key benefit of MPPT is the operation of the solar panels at their peak power point, which is varied depending on sunlight intensity, temperature and shading conditions. It also allows the use of high voltage solar panels to charge conventional battery systems. It will take up to a 75VDC input, Now array wiring can be done with smaller gauge wires or with longer wire runs.