Farm Stock Tank  Heater - with AGM battery

Farm Stock Tank Heater - with AGM battery

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Farm Stock Tank  Heater - with AGM battery

This off-grid system is designed specifically for heating stock water tanks.

This system is ideal for heating water tanks in colder climates. Battery enables heating throughout the night when solar harvest isn't possible.

This system will produce 20 degrees temp increase per hour for 10 gallons.

This kit includes:

  • 2x 340W solar panels
  • 1x 12V 200W heating element
  • z-brackets for mounting solar panels
  • 1x SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L charge controller
  • 1x Stark SRK-125AGM battery
  • 1x 10ft pair, 10AWG MC4 pv cables
  • 1x BlueSea MRBF fuse block
  • 1x BlueSea 30A MRBF fuse
  • 1x BlueSea 40A MRBF fuse