Escape 355 - cottage solar system

Escape 355

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Escape 355 

Two times the PV energy capture as our base starter system (Weekender 160). 

The Escape 355 provides plenty of power for basic cabin/cottage power needs. Complete charging kit with a 355W quality  solar panel, roof mounting hardware, a Victron Smart Solar MPPT charge controller with bluetooth monitoring, and 30 ft. of sunlight-resistant power cable.  

This package is capable of producing over 2100Wh/day of power! 

Set up is easy: simply secure the solar modules  to the roof with the z-bracket mounts provided, run the power cable down to the controller, connect to the battery bank (see our battery selection), and begin charging.

Features of the Escape 355 include:

  • Quality 355W, LS60-355M-B Longi solar panel
  • Z-bracket mounting (RV-style aluminum brackets)
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 charge controller (bluetooth enabled)
  • 30 ft. of #10 red/black pv cable with connectors.

*Add AGM solar batteries to complete this package*