Hybrid Power - Batt Pack Pro 5000W 5.1kWh

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Hybrid Power - Batt Pack Pro 5000W 5.1kWh

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Professional grade portable power.

The Batt Pack Pro is a complete beast when it comes to providing power on the go. Smaller and more portable than previous models, this portable power pack has more power than ever before. Built using the highest quality components, the Batt Pack Pro was made for the toughest jobs and harshest conditions. Proudly made in Canada, the Batt Pack Pro will take whatever you can throw at it, day in and day out, without missing a beat.


  • Weatherproof
  • Safe for use indoors & outdoors
  • Ultra portable & durable
  • Built to resist shock & vibration
  • MPPT solar charging
  • 3 ways to charge (solar, vehicle, grid)
  • Remote monitoring & troubleshooting via WiFI Remote monitoring via satellite (paid subscription) Made in Canada