Advanced Solar Energy Solution 1420, cottage solar system

Advanced Solar Energy Solution 1620

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Advanced Solar Energy Solution 1620

Our Advanced Solar Energy Solution 1620W solar array has lots of charge power and is capable of delivering up to 9.72 kWh of electricity per day. 

This 24V system is wired to a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Outback FM80 charge controller to maximize the production in all light levels. The 4000W Magnum inverter delivers lots of power for household appliances. This model features clean sine wave power and produces both 120 and 240VAC, allowing things like well pumps to be installed in the system. It also has a powerful 105A/24V battery charger to quickly top up the batteries in winter for generator integration.

Features of the Advanced Solar Energy Solution 1620 include:

  • 1620W solar array (x4 405W, Longi solar panels) 
  • Rail mounting for pv modules
  • Outback FM80 MPPT solar charge controller with meter display.
  • Midnite e-panel system with magnum MS-4024 PAE 120/240 inverter
  • Array wiring and combiner box
  • Home run pv cable
  • Input output breakers
  • Inverter disconnect 

*Add AGM or lithium solar batteries to complete this package*