Sprinter Van Conversion Kit plus

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Sprinter Van Conversion Kit plus 

This is our most popular rv/ van/ trailer solar conversion kit. It features a 550W solar array capable of producing up to 3,300Wh/ day, a Victron Orion dc-dc charger to supplement battery charging via your alternator, a Victron 50A smart charge controller and battery monitor you can monitor via Bluetooth with your smart phone, and all the cables and fusing needed for a seamless install.

Do you need this system further customized? No problem! Contact Us and we'll adjust the content for you.

This premium complete power system includes: 

  • 1x Victron Charge Controller, SmartSolar MPPT 100/50, MPPT, 50A
  • 1x Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-isolated DC-DC charger
  • 1x Victron Battery monitor, BMV-712 Series bluetooth communication
  • 1x Victron Multiplus 12V 3000W inverter/ charger (PMP123021102)
  • 2x RenewSys 275W solar panels (Deserv3M6-275W)
  • 8x z-brackets for mounting pv
  • #2/0 3ft pair inverter cables
  • #10AWG 20ft pair pv output cables (red/black)
  • #2/0 12inch battery interconnect cables
  • Victron Mega Fuse Holder with 300A Mega Fuse
  • Midnite Solar BabyBox with 20A and 63A din rail breakers 

*Add your specified battery type and capacity to this package*