Go Power - Rigid ECLIPSE, 200W + 30A MPPT Controller Solar Kit

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Go Power - Rigid ECLIPSE, 200W + 30A MPPT Controller Solar Kit


Charge batteries faster and maximize your solar charging performance with the new 190-watt Eclipse MPPT rigid solar kit.

Supercharge your solar array to 98% conversion efficiency with MPPT charging. Ideal for series configurations. Bluetooth® enabled remote* allows you to view and change essential battery stats from your handheld device.

Easy to install, and expandable, the Go Power! RIGID Eclipse Solar Kit is a powerful battery charger and is great for maintaining the charge in all types of batteries and is ideal for extended RVing or dry-camping.

*Best paired with 200Ah of AGM Battery Power, or 100Ah of Lithium Battery Power.

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Product Overview



Kit Features

  • Expandable to 3000-watts of solar with stackable MPPT controllers
  • Rigid black-framed 200 watt, 9.6 amp solar module
  • Panel dimensions: 59.1 x 26.3 x 1.57 in
  • 25-year power output panel warranty
  • 30 amp, stackable MPPT, RV-C compatible solar controller
  • Bluetooth® enabled remote
  • Includes 25’ solar output cables and mounting hardware