Volthium - 51.2V 200Ah Lithium, Rack-mount

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Volthium - 51.2V 200Ah Lithium, Rack-mount

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The Volthium LFP Rackmount Solar Storage Battery is a high-end product custom-made for a mainly commercial customer base. It is designed to be mounted in a server cabinet or telecom cabinet type rack, the width is standard 19'.

It is available in several versions:

  • 51.2V100AH - 5.1 KWH - Standard - 99lbs - 17.1' deep
  • 51.2V100AH - 5.1 KWH - Self-heating - 99lbs - 17.1' deep
  • 51.2V200AH - 10.2 KWH - Standard - 180lbs - 27' deep
  • 51.2V200AH - 10.2 KWH - Self Heating - 180lbs - 27' deepThe battery is designed for solar storage banks ranging from 5kwh, to 500 kwh.

This type of modular battery is mainly used for stand-alone houses, server rooms, telecommunication Cell towers, and micro power plants.

This type of battery is compatible with all inverters on the market.

Rackmount batteries integrate MODBUS communication ports such as CAN and RS485.

Volthium is constantly integrating new communication protocols to interconnect with end-use energy equipment.
Currently supported devices for direct communication (RS485 or CANBUS) are

  • Victron (CAN)
  • Solark (CAN)
  • Windows 7/10 and Windows Server (RS485)
  • Schneider (RS485)
  • Growatt (CAN)

Please note that Volthium develops custom protocol programming requested by customers or for the integration of new brands of equipment.

10 years warranty, useful life around 15 years and more.

Average operation beyond 6000 cycles.

Certifications: Breaker : UL1077 & CSA C22.2 No. 235-04 and UL489 & CSA 22.2 No. 5, Terminal UL1977,  Cells UL1973 & UL9540A
Full Pack Assembly certified by Intertek (ETL).

            If the CSA Label is requested at purchase, the battery will be delivered with an approval on the battery ($). CSA Full pack UL1973


The BMS core is produced by the American company Microchip Technology (formerly known as Gi, a branch of Motorola). This manufacturer of BMS microcontrollers is recognized worldwide in the field of electric cars, notably for its customers such as Toyota, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, and many others.

The programming and communication protocols are entirely developed by our engineers in Quebec.

Cells :

Rackmount solar storage batteries are equipped with GRADE A prismatic cells, whose supplier, operating for more than 22 years, is famous worldwide for its contracts with LG chem, BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen and Tesla, among others. The quality of the LFP cells is paramount. Indeed, they are the ones that will ensure you have a durable product and whose long-term performance will be faithful.

Engineering :

True pillar, gathering the strength of each of the parts integrating the product. Our engineering is distinguished by the choice of the best components in each industry, with the objective of obtaining the best final product, evolving to future needs and impossible to compete with. The continuous integration of new communication protocols, combined with the custom development established for our clients, as well as the integration of technologies perfectly adapted to our Canadian environment, makes Volthium a reference in terms of design quality.