Sundware SOL-AIR 19+PV Solar Heater

Sundware SOL-AIR 19+PV Solar Heater

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Sundware SOL-AIR 19+PV Solar Heater

Off-grid Solar Air with full kit,

Gross Area 20.5 Sq.Ft, Efficiency 75%, total capacity of 1150 Watt, Selective absorber coating 95%, prismatic low iron 4 mm high durable& low emission glass. 3- speed modulating controller. 

FIVE years warranty on solar air, 1 year warranty on Fan box( extended warranty is available, conditions apply)    

Ideal for tiny houses, cabins, warehouses, garages up to 800 sQ. Ft. 

System includes 2 Cartoon boxes ;

box 1: Solar Air collector.

box 2 :Fan box atached on pre-assembled steel support with integrated PV 40 Watt and integrated Fan with built-in electronic connections, digital controller with three speeds, 2 Silicon collar, 2 dampers, 2 wall diffusers, 1 corrugated Steel hosing length of 8 Feet,  2 Stainless steel clamps, 10 screws , 4 wall supports and installation manual.