Rolls Surrette S-480, 6V 486AH Flooded

Rolls Surrette S-480/S6-L16, 6V 486AH Flooded

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Rolls Surrette S-480/S6-L16

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The Rolls S-480/ S6-L16 is among the most popular batteries for small and mid-size home energy systems!

Surrette quality, long life, high capacity and reliable performance in a manageable building block. The life expectancy of Surrette batteries is among the longest in the industry.

Surrette has a reputation for building one mean battery. It's a reputation based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance.

Rolls S-480 flooded batteries are supported by a 7 year warranty (2 year free replacement and 5 year pro-rated period).

Rolls Surrette S-480 Spec Sheet

Volts 6V 

Capacity (20hr) 375 Ah 

Capacity (100hr) 486 Ah 

Dimensions 12.5 x 7.1 x 16.7" 

Product Weight 113 lbs Warranty 7 Years