Sundware ECO-AIR 20 Solar Heater

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Sundware ECO-AIR 20 Solar Heater

Solar Air with FAN 12VDC

The solar air is a south-wall mounting heater which works by Sun radiation to heat the air inside your space,  it runs hundreds of hours in winter time per year to generate heat for free. 

Sundware solar air heater offer you:

1- Free heating for tiny houses, cottages, garages, townhouse, fishing cabins, farms, and many other applications 

2- Saving your seasonal winter house from pipes freezing, condensation, moisture and mold! 


Gross Area 21 Sq.Ft, Efficiency up to 84%, Ave efficiency 80%, total capacity of 1600 Watt, Selective absorber coating 95%, prismatic low iron 4 mm high durable& low emission glass.  

Ideal for tiny houses, cabins, warehouses, garages up to 800 sQ. Ft. Few sunny hours per day is enough to raise your ambient temperature to more than 75 F. 

FIVE years warranty on solar air, 1 year warranty on Fan


Dimensions & Weight: 

Height: 78 inch (200cm) 

Width: 40 inch (100cm)

Depth: 4 inch (10cm)

Weight: 55 lb (25 kg)