DCC - DCC-10-40A, Electric Vehicle Energy Management System

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DCC - DCC-10-40A, Electric Vehicle Energy Management System


DCC-10 is an energy management system specif- ically designed to allow the connection of an EV charger to a panel that is at full capacity and would otherwise need a service upgrade.


– Real-time reading of the total power consumption of the home’s electrical panel;

  • –  Detects when total power consumption exceeds 80% of main circuit breaker capacity and tempo- rarily de-energizes the EV charger;

  • –  Automatically re-energize the EV charger when the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% of its capacity for more than 15 minutes.

  • –  Requires one double pole breaker slot available in a panel.


    – Does not affect load calculation of a panel. – Automatic billing of electricity by the utility.

    • –  Can be wall or ceiling mounted.

    • –  NEMA 3R enclosure available for outdoor

      - Possibility to receive and transmit load shedding

      instructions from an external energy manage- ment system via a dry contact input and output.


      – Electric Vehicle Energy Management System – EV Charger Breaker (Max 60A)
      – 2 Split Core Current Transformers (CT)

spec sheet: DCC-10-40A