Trojan T-105, 6V 250Ah Deep Cycle Flooded

Trojan - T-105, 6V 250Ah Deep Cycle Flooded

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Trojan - T-105, 6V Deep Cycle Flooded

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The T-105 6V deep cycle flooded lead acid battery provides rugged durability and excellent performance in a variety of applications, such as Recreational Vehicles, Floor Cleaning Machines, or Solar. The technology inside this battery offers maximum sustained performance, longer life, and increased total energy.

Capacity Minutes:

@25 Amps: 447

@75 Amps: 115

Capacity Amp-Hours:

5-Hr Rate: 185

10-Hr Rate: 207

20-Hr Rate: 225

100-Hr Rate:250

Energy (kWh):

Dimensions inches (mm):  
Length: 10.30 (262)
Width: 7.11 (181)
Height: 11.07 (281)

Weight lbs. (kg):
62 (28)

Spec Sheet: Trojan T-105