Morningstar SS-6L-12V Regulator w/ Temp Comp and LVD

Morningstar SS-6L-12V Regulator w/ Temp Comp and LVD

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The Sun Saver 6L amp charge regulator is ideal for small PV systems of 90 watts or less. PWM control of battery charging ensures complete recharge without gassing. Low voltage disconnect (LVD) controls a load circuit when attached to the terminals. It works well with flooded or sealed (AGM or Gel) batteries.

The Sun Saver 6 Amp Regulator W/TC is built by the world’s leading small solar controller for industrial and leisure markets. It has battery charging with temperature compensation for extended battery life, sealed/flooded battery select, Epoxy encapsulation, and marine rated terminals. Low voltage disconnect circuit (LVD) sheds 12VDC loads when a low battery condition is reached, protecting batteries from a complete discharge. The load reconnects when battery voltage rises above 12.6V. An anodized aluminum case provides environmental protection. It is ideal for oil/gas applications and is approved for use in hazardous locations: Class 1 Div 2 (C1D2) rated, Groups A-D.

Brands Morningstar
Data Sheet Morningstar SunSaver Spec Sheet

Volts 12 V
Amps 6 A
Options w/ LVD and Temp. Comp. 
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