Farm Stock Tank  Heater - with AGM battery

Farm Stock Tank Heater - with AGM battery

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Farm Stock Tank  Heater - with AGM battery

This off-grid system is designed specifically for heating 5-10 gallon stock water tanks.

This system is ideal for keeping significant ice from forming in smaller water tanks in colder climates. Battery enables heating throughout the night when solar harvest isn't possible.

As a general rule of thumb, water heating  requires 2.47 watts of power to raise the temperature of one gallon of water one degree in one hour.  So, that would translate into 24.7 W per hour to raise the temp of a 10 gallon tank by one degree.

System effectiveness is driven by required run time of the specific application which will vary greatly depending on ambient temperature, wind chill, how well insulated the tank is etc.  


24.7 watts per hour x 4 hours to bring temp up a 4 degrees = roughly 100wh of usage for a single cycle of the heater. (set at 0 degree on and 4 degree off)

This would give you roughly 6 cycles of the heater over a 24 hour period under these assumptions.  A well insulated/underground tank with minimal water surface exposure would optimize such a system.



This kit includes:

  • 1x 405W Longi solar panel
  • 1x 12V 100W heating element
  • 4x z-brackets for mounting solar panel
  • 1x Victron 100/30 MPPT charge controller
  • 1x Discover D27A100, 12V 100Ah AGM battery
  • 1x 10ft pair, 10AWG MC4 pv cables
  • 1x 5ft pair, #6 battery cables with lugs
  • 2x BlueSea Midi fuse holders
  • 2x BlueSea 40A Midi fuses
  • 1x 12V Temperature Controller