EcoFlow - DELTA Pro Ultra Whole-Home Backup Power

EcoFlow - DELTA Pro Ultra Whole-Home Backup Power

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EcoFlow - DELTA Pro Ultra Whole-Home Backup Power


*EcoFlow - DELTA Pro Ultra (1x Inverter + 1x Battery)*

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-7.2kW-21.6kW output with up to 3 inverters
-Up to 90kWh capacity with 3 inverters and 15 batteries
-5.6kW-16.8kW solar input with up to 3 inverters
-Online UPS, 0-ms transfer time
-LFP battery

Month-long power security.

6-90kWh Capacity

Take home power dependability to another level with up to 90kWh battery capacity. For a standard household, that's over 30 days of essential backup power to keep appliances like lights and refrigerators running strong (time may vary). Stackable and space-saving, it packs comfortably into a garage or utility closet.

One unit covers every appliance.

7.2kW-21.6kW, 120V & 240V Output

With a 7.2kW output, EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra effortlessly runs even energy-hungry household items, like a 3-ton central air conditioner*. For more power, pair 3 inverters with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 to unlock a 21.6kW AC output. Plus, with X-Fusion you'll get a constant 7200W output no matter what.*

One hour of solar for one day of power.

5.6kW-16.8kW Solar Input

By leveraging High and Low-PV technologies, a single inverter sets new portable solar input standards with a 5.6kW input*. Connect three inverters for a monumental 16.8kW, gaining a full day's home energy in 60 minutes. Whether you prefer a portable setup or a rooftop solar system, you can achieve true energy independence.

Always in charge

With a Generator or EV pile

You're spoilt for choice with EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra's charging options. As well as all our usual methods, like solar and the grid, you can now power up using a gas generator or even your EV charging pile. With the industry's fastest charging speeds of 8800W, top up two batteries in only 2 hours.

You won't even notice the grid was down.

0-ms Downtime, 0 dB Silent Backup

Imagine a world where power outages go unnoticed. With EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra's online UPS, you'll get just that. With uninterrupted power flow, EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra safeguards your vulnerable electronic equipment round-the-clock. For extended outages, you don't want to hear your backup in the background, so for low draws under 2000W*, it's completely silent. With a whisper-quiet 0 dB, your nights remain undisturbed as it powers your devices.*For a maximum of 30 minutes.

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What’s in the inverter box

1x EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Inverter, 1x Ecoflow portable stand, EcoFlow disassembly and assembly tool, EcoFlow to Solar Low-PV port charging cable, EcoFlow AC charging cable-C20, Quickstart guide, warranty card

Whats in the battery box

1x EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Battery, EcoFlow battery connection cable, Safety guide