Batt Pack Energy- Extended Range 4000W 3.6kWh

Batt Pack Energy- Extended Range 4000W 3.6kWh

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Batt Pack Energy- Extended Range 4000W 3.6kWh

They call it fossil fuel for a reason, this is the next generation of portable power. Our revolutionary Batt Pack Energy Extended Range is a lightweight portable lithium ion battery system designed to replace commercial and industrial grade generators. This portable and rugged power pack, weighing in at only 54kg (approx. 119 lbs), was designed for underground Mining work in tough conditions, so it's been proven strong enough for any adventure. 

The Extended Range Package is recommended for situations that require more run time. With 40% more run time, the Extended Range Package increases the useable energy from 2.5 kWh to 3.6 kWh. It is offered as an upgrade option on the Batt Pack Energy and is included standard on the Batt Pack Energy XP.

With an output of 4,000W (8,000W surge), it has 3,000+ cycles and a 5 hour rapid recharge to ensure you have access to clean, portable power when you need it most. The best investment in power you'll ever make, the Batt Pack Energy Extended Range will continue to perform optimally for 10-15 years with no maintenance.

Planning an epic, cross country RV trip or taking the sailboat out for a weekend? The Batt Pack Energy Extended Range provides reliable fume-free, fuel-free and noise-free power that will allow you to enjoy nature uninterrupted.

Looking for a solar powered generator to install as backup power for your cottage or house? No problem, the Batt Pack Energy Extended Range can power your fridge and TV for up to 2-3 days (or anything else you might need). Keep it portable and store it in your garage, or hook it up to your home circuit for automatic power transfer during outages.

Doing some renos or working on a construction site with limited power? Our Batt Pack Energy Extended Rage provides fume-free power that can be used indoors and in enclosed spaces.

All of our products are proudly Made in Ontario, Canada, and are built for all weather conditions. 


LIFESPAN 10-15 years

SURGE POWER 8,000 W (0.1 sec) 


CYCLES 3000+ cycles


OUTPUT 120 VAC or 240 VAC

MEASUREMENTS 645mm x 508mm x 368mm


CELL CHEMISTRY Lithium Iron Phosphate


SAFETY FEATURES Overheat, short circuit, over current & over voltage


What you can run and for how long

32" LCD TV      100 Watts       35 hours

Smartphone    10 Watt Hours 350 charges

Laptop 50 Watt Hours 70 charges

Small Refrigerator       3.6kWh           70 hours

Large Refrigerator       100 Watts       35 hours

High Efficiency Light Bulb       5 Watts           700 hours

Hammer Drill  700 Watts       4.9 hours (Trigger Time)

LED Construction Lights (x2)   100 Watts       35 hours

Hand Grinder  450 Watts       7.7 hours (Trigger Time)

Hilti TE 3000-AVR Jackhammer          1350 Watts     2.66 hours (Trigger Time)

Hilti DD200 Diamond Core Drill          1800 Watts     1.96 hours (Trigger Time)

Husqvarna K3000       1500 Watts     2.39 hours (Trigger Time)