Advanced Cottage Solution 900, cottage solar system

Advanced Cottage Solution 810

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Advanced Cottage Solution 810

Our most popular solar power system for off-grid cottages and a great starter system for remote homes in Canada. Advanced Cottage Solution 810, complete solar system, includes a Magnum Sine wave inverter to feed clean 120VAC power into your electrical panel. This inverter is powerful enough to run lights, pumps, power tools and with clean power for computers, TV and sensitive electronics. HES supplies the inverter with the full E-panel Installation packaged, prewired and ready to be mounted on the wall of your electrical room.  

Next, the Advanced Cottage Solution 810 includes a 810W solar array( x2 405W solar panels), using the quality Longi modules. With the strongest warranty and the highest quality of any solar panel in Canada, this solar array will produce up to 4860Wh per day, depending on weather conditions. This is enough power for the typical electrical loads found in an off-grid cottage. This has a wired and installed  80A MPPT charge controller right on the E-panel, so connection is easy and safe.

The Advanced Cottage Solution 810 comes with rail roof racking for the solar panels. We have other mounting options available if rail mounting isn't ideal for your roof pitch. 

The Advanced Cottage Solution 810 is the system for off-grid cottages and a starter system for full time homes.

Features of the Advanced Cottage Solution 810 include: 

  • 810W Solar array - x2 405W quality, reliable Longi solar panels
  • Rail roof mounting for pv modules (x2 10ft rails)
  • Premium Outback FM80 charge controller with meter display.
  • 2800W Magnum E-Panel with Pure Sine inverter.
  • Array wiring and combiner box
  • input and output breakers
*Add AGM solar batteries to complete this package*