Benefits of Off-Grid vs Grid-Tie Solar Systems

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Solar systems have evolved over the years as more and more home/ cottage owners are choosing off-gridsolar systems over the tradional grid-tie solar system.


Here’s some key reasons why off-grid solar systems are better than the traditional grid-tie system:


  1. Complete independence from the utility companies: With an off-grid solar system, you can have complete independence from the utility companies, which means that you will no longer be at the mercy of power outages or rate hikes.


  1. Can be installed anywhere: Off-grid solar systems can be installed in remote locations where there is no access to traditional electricity, making them ideal for cabins, cottages, and RVs.


  1. No electricity bills: Since you are generating your own electricity, you will not have to pay a monthly electricity bill, which can lead to significant savings over time.


  1. More resilient: Off-grid solar systems are more resilient since they do not rely on the power grid, making them less susceptible to power outages and other disruptions.

When your power goes out with a traditional grid-tie system, you don’t have power until the utility company turns the hydro back on. Because you’re connected to the grid (grid-tied), this ensures utility workers safety working on the power lines.

When you have an off-grid solar system, you are disconnected from the utility and always powered up.


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